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Concrete Testing

Testing of concrete on construction sites is of utmost importance to ensure the structural integrity and safety of buildings and infrastructure. Adhering to European standards and specifications for concrete testing is crucial in guaranteeing that the concrete used meets the required quality and performance criteria.  

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We conduct laboratory and field testing from our fully accredited facility in Carlow. MTS Ltd. are fully independent and recognised leaders in concrete accredited laboratory services.

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MTS Performance On-Site

European standards provide a set of guidelines and specifications for concrete testing that are recognized and accepted across the continent. These standards cover various aspects of concrete testing, including the material properties, mix design, production, transportation, and placement of concrete. By following these standards, construction professionals can ensure that the concrete used in their projects is of a consistent and dependable quality.

In addition to strength, other material properties of concrete, such as workability, consistency, and density, need to be evaluated through testing. European standards provide detailed protocols for conducting tests to assess these properties, including slump tests, air content tests, and density tests. Proper evaluation of these properties ensures that the concrete will perform as intended and meet the structural and durability requirements of the project.

At MTS Ltd all our site technicians have completed the ACI/ICT EN Certification of Concrete Field-Testing Technicians to EN Standards and are independently co-qualified by the Institute of Concrete Technology and the American Concrete Institute.

Site testing is supported by our extended team back in the laboratory. From here MTS offers a range of testing and services including.

1. Compressive Strength Cubes – IS EN 12390-3: 2019 & IS EN 12390-7: 2019 +AC2020

2. Compressive Strength Cores – IS EN 12504: 2019 & AC:2020 IS EN 12390-7:2019 & AC:2020

3. Production Plant & Site Testing Audits.

4. Sampling Plans, Extraction and Assessment services for in-situ concrete strength – IS EN 13791:2019 & EN 12504-1:2019

Masonry Services

Testing of concrete masonry blocks is essential in Ireland to guarantee structural integrity and adherence to industry regulations. The Irish Standards for Concrete Masonry Units, IS EN 771 SR 325, offers detailed instructions for assessing concrete block characteristics such as dimensions, compressive strength, absorption, and density.

Adhering to SR 325 helps validate the quality and functionality of masonry blocks, ensuring they meet construction specifications. By conducting testing as per SR 325, construction practitioners can certify the appropriateness and durability of concrete masonry blocks, ultimately enhancing the safety and dependability of building structures in Ireland.

The product standard and National Building Regulations Technical Guidance Documents (TGDs), including Standard Recommendation 325 (S.R. 325), outline numerous product requirements and characteristics, collectively known as Nationally Defined Parameters (NDPs). Compliance with product certification and CPR requirements necessitates addressing and declaring these parameters appropriately

MTS offer the full suite of testing required by these standards, identified by

1. Dimensions & Density – IS EN 772-16

2. Compressive strength – IS EN 772-1

3. Moisture Movement – IS EN 772-14

4. Water Absorption by Capillarity – IS EN 772-11

5. Flatness – IS EN 772-20

Mortar Services

Testing of mortar is also essential for ensuring quality and compliance with industry standards.

IS EN 1015, the Irish Standard for the Methods of Test for Mortar for Masonry, specifies procedures for assessing characteristics such as consistency, compressive strength, and water retention of mortar.

Adhering to IS EN 1015 ensures that mortars used in construction meet the required performance criteria. By conducting testing in accordance with IS EN 1015, construction professionals can verify the suitability and functionality of mortar, ultimately contributing to the durability and safety of masonry structures in Ireland.

MTS offer 

1. Compressive & Flexural Strength – IS EN 1015

2. Site Sampling – IS EN 1015: Part 2

3. Specimen Preparation & Storage – IS EN 1015: Part 11

Our Services Include:
Site Work

Destructive Weld Testing

Water Sampling

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